Handmade Yixing Zisha Teapot, Traditional Chinese Red Clay Teapot in Xishi Style, 180ml Capacity, Teapot and teacup set

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Handmade Yixing Zisha Teapot made from genuine natural clay mud Artist: Guowang Wang Tea Strainer: included Material: Raw ore red clay (Da Hong Pao clay) from Huanglong Mountain, Yixing, China. There may be slight differences in graphics, sizes, shape, glaze and traces of each item. Tea Pot Size: Pot Overall Width 13.5 cm/5.4 inch, Overall Height 6.3 cm/2.5 inch, Pot Opening Dia: 3.9cm/ 1.5 inch Capacity: 180ml/ 6 oz Tea Cup Size: Pot Overall Width 6 cm/2.4 inch, Overall Height 8.3 cm/3.3 inch Capacity: 80ml/ 2.8 oz