Handmade Iron-rust Glaze Ceramic Kyusu Teapot with Tea Tray, Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Hand made ceramic teapot with pairing tea tray This tea set is made of durable and high quality ceramic with an iron-rust glaze on the surface to create simulated oxidized metal finishes. The iron-rust glaze are layered together to create an authentic rusted metal effect. The Teapot and trays are set in high temperature fires at 1250 to 1400 and are made with traditional Chinese pottery making methods using high quality raw materials. Each piece is unique because it is 100% handmade. There may be slight differences in graphics, sizes, shape, glaze and traces of each item. Tea Pot Size: Pot Opening Dia: 4.5cm/1.8inch, Overall Height: 7.3cm/2.9inch Pot Capacity: 200ml/6.8oz Tea Tray Size: Length: 12cm/4.7inch, Height: 5.5cm/2.16inch