Beige White Fine Ceramic Teapot with Rattan Handle, Ceramic Kungfu Tea Cups, Tea Ceremony Set

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Hand made ceramic teapot with pairing teacups. The extra smooth and fine ceramic surface of this teapot is made from EXTRA fine ceramic clay. Each piece is unique because it is 100% handmade. There may be slight differences in graphics, sizes, shape, glaze and traces of each item. Tea Pot Size: Pot lid Dia 5.5cm/2.2inch, Pot Height (Exclude handle): 5.5cm/2.2inch, Overall Pot Width: 9.5cm/3.8inch, Overall Height: 10cm/4inch Pot Capacity: 200ml/6.8oz Tea Cup Size: Dia 6cm/2.4 inch, Height 4.5cm/1.8 inch Cup Capacity: 50ml/1.7oz